Friday, December 31, 2010

WRIT Milwaukee 8-15-65 music survey

WRIT and WOKY were the legendary Top 40 stations for Milwaukee Wisconsin back in the 60's. This WRIT Silver Dollar Music Survey is from 1965. Image courtesy of California Aircheck

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Giant X, 147 KXOA has been nominated for Internet Oldies station of the sure you add your vote for can check out the live streaming 24/7 at It's about the only Internet station that actually has real DJs on the air.. To vote for KXOA use the link below
Little Oscar says thank you!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

KKLQ Q106 San Diego Chuck Cannon 1980's

Chuck "Boom Boom" Cannon was the original night screamer at KKLQ Q106 when it signed on in San Diego in the late 80's. Upper picture is Chuck Cannon today; you'll find him at Video of Chuck from KKLQ is up on YouTube courtesy of California Aircheck

Sunday, November 7, 2010

147KXOA Billy The Earl's Smell Proof Sound Proof DJ Booth

This is the first time anyone has been allowed into the special smell-proof sound-proof "DJ booth" used exclusively by 147KXOA Midnight-6 DJ-Trainee Billy The Earl. That's Fritz The Engineer's gut you see (you can always tell if it's Billy The Earl by whether he has on his trademark trench-coat or not). If you dare, and are up all night long, check out Billy The Earl with Motown, Soul & Rock and Roll from Midnight-6 Pacific time

Thursday, November 4, 2010

KFIV Modesto music survey 5-31-72

KFIV was the big Top 40 station for Modesto California in the Central Valley back in the 60's and 70's. DJs Kevin Manna and Chuck Hale went on the Sacramento radio later in the 70's. Image courtesy of California Aircheck

Monday, October 11, 2010

WISM Madison WI music survey 10-28-67

It's a blast from the past from the big Top 40 station for Madison Wisconsin, 1480 WISM, from back in 1967. Image courtesy California Aircheck

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KRLA Los Angeles 10-24-69 Johnny Darin

KRLA was still competing with KHJ in 1969 for the Los Angeles Top 40 radio audience. Program Director Johnnie Darin had the station sounding pretty damn good. He also did the Noon-3 airshift on KRLA. Scans courtesy California Aircheck

Thursday, August 12, 2010

KCBQ San Diego monument ceremony August 28th

It's now official, all-night DJ Billy The Earl has been chosen to warm up the crowd for the KCBQ San Diego monument ceremony on August 28th in Santee. Mr. Earl says he will be limiting his Pabst Blue Ribbon consumption that weekend to avoid an the one in May that happened after the Petula Clark Show..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

KERN Bakersfield a portrait of the #1 station in town 1970's

KERN, the #1 station most years in Bakersfield California back in the 70's. Home to Truck-Ken Stevens (Ken Levine) in 1971. Ken wrote about his first radio job, weekends at KERN, earlier this week on his blog ...about the shack surrounded by 3 towers..
But some of his memories have faded a bit over the years (just like the front sign at KERN as you can see above). The KERN building back then was a bit bigger than a "shack" - probably the size of a typical 3-bedroom house in Bakersfield..As you can see, KERN spared no expense in maintaining the lavish KERN building and the "grounds" out front.
KERN/1410 was a non-directional station, and they had only the one tower you see in the above pictures.
That's KERN 3-7PM DJ-Program Director-Chief Engineer Johnny Mitchell in the luxury KERN studio in the picture up top. Photos courtesy

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

KDES Palm Springs 1977 music survey 6-4-77

KDES was the big Top 40 station for Palm Springs back in the 60's and 70's. Here's a KDES music survey from 1977. 147KXOA's Program Director, Greg Mitchell, started off his radio career at KDES in 1973 doing weekends (from 1973-1975); and in 1976 returned to KDES as a fulltime jock and Music Director for about 4 months. KDES had very unique music rotations, with two different clocks. One was used on even-numbered days of the month, and the other on odd-numbered days. A typical card-file was used to rotate the current music. But the oldies...that was a whole different thing...each jock shift was assigned a small box of oldies (what was in each "box" remained the same each time that group of Oldies was assigned to a jock, unless some of them got changed out with new selections that remained with that "group"). There were a few more than would be needed for your shift, and the jock was allowed to arrange them however he wanted during his shift. The only "musts" were that if this was a day that had the music clock with an Oldie at the top of the hour, you needed to run an uptempo Oldie out of the legal ID and out of the news. Other than that, you could mix them however you wanted on your show. At that time there was no such thing as a recurrent on KDES. The songs rested after they left the chart, and the bigger hits eventually made it to one of the oldie "boxes" later on. In 1976 KDES added a Recurrent catagory and those rotated independantly of the "box" oldies for a bit more variety. This wasn't your typical cardfile Oldies rotations that most Top 40 stations were doing at that time, but it seemed to work for the station.

13-K KGB San Diego 1979 year-end music survey

The original Boss Radio 136/KGB consulted by Bill Drake was gone in 1972 but Top 40 radio returned to KGB in 1979 as "13-K" programmed by John Lander. Here's the 1979 year-end survey from 13-K that also includes the Top 50 songs of the decade (wow!). Images courtesy California Aircheck

Roy Rogers Visits 147KXOA's Geoff Richards

If Roy Rogers were still around, the only radio station he'd listen to would be The Giant X - 147 KXOA. That's because his close personal friend Geoff Richards is the 2-6PM (Pacific time zone) DJ there. So be like Roy - check out Geoff Richards this afternoon. Live streaming 24/7 at

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WHK Cleveland Tunedex 6-6-64 Top 40 Music Survey

WHK was one of the legendary Top 40 stations for Cleveland Ohio back in the 60's. They competed with WIXY and KYW (which became WKYC in the mid 60's under an ownership change from Westinghouse to NBC). Here's a WHK Color Channel 14 Tunedex music survey from 1964. On the rear is an ad for Larry Robinson Jewelers. Images courtesy of California Aircheck

Monday, May 31, 2010

147KXOA's Geoff Richards's 2-6PM DJ Geoff Richards was surprised that there was no poster for Billy The Earl at the Las Vegas Hilton on May 1st when he was opening for Petula Clark; all they had was this stinking poster for Andrew Dice Clay for an upcoming show. That Billy The Earl gets no respect -- no respect at all! Check out Geoff Sunday-Friday afternoons from 2-6PM on the Giant X at

WCFL Chicago 5-21-75 music survey Larry Lujack

Tough to see but the front cover has a picture of Super Jock Larry Lujack on the cover of this WCFL survey along with the Eagles and Dan Fogelberg.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KHJ Los Angeles June 18 1980 music survey with Charlie Fox

Charlie Fox added some class to KHJ in its last days as a Top 40 station. He was there for a brief appearance in 1980 after putting in time at KFI. Before that in the 70's he was at some biggies like CKLW, WRKO and KDWB. In November of 1980, KHJ gave up and flipped to Country. Memo to Charlie: I hope you ditched the clothes back in the 80's...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rich Brother Robbin on 147KXOA April Fool's Day 2010

Rich "Brother" Robbin, one of the great Top 40 screamers of the 70's will be making an appearance on April Fool's Day evening 2010! From 6-8PM Rich will recreate his act from the 70's that made him one of the legendary night jocks in the country. Back then, Rich smoked on KGB, KCBQ, KKDJ, KIQQ, KTNQ and others. Make sure you have your I-pod transistor radio tuned to 147 April Fool's Day evening for the Rich Brother Robbin Show!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shotgun Tom Kelly KCBQ San Diego 1974

Ever wonder where Geico came up with the Caveman characters? Well, now you know..... Image courtesy California Aircheck

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

KAFY Bakersfield 12-30-70 Shotgun Tom Kelly

Back before he got his first gun permit, hat or beard, Shotgun Tom Kelly was just plain 'ol Tom Kelly at KAFY/Bakersfield. (You can be sure that he was first in line each night to stock up on 5 hot dogs for 94 cents at Der Weinerschnitzel. And we're talkin' sacks full. You better believe it baby!) The KAFY lineup at that time was 6-10A Monty Montgomery, 10-3 Bobby Otis, 3-7 Dave Conley, 7-midnight Tom Kelly and Midnight-6 Scott Shannon. Image courtesy of California Aircheck

Sunday, February 28, 2010

B-100 San Diego KFMB-FM 4-22-77 Gary Kelley

This B-100 San Diego music survey from 1977 has 20-year-old Gary Kelley on the cover. Back in 1972, Gary was a punk 15-year-old DJ on KSEA, San Diego's first FM Top 40 station. Today he fills in as the weather guy at San Diego's Channel 10. And he's a geezer of 53 this year.

Friday, January 15, 2010

KCBQ San Diego Q Card Music Survey 10-24-65 Gary Allyn

Gary Allyn did several different shifts at KCBQ in 1965 - at this time he'd be on the 6-9PM shift and also Program Director at KCBQ. Great jock and he did a hell of a job as Program Director too at The Q back in the 60's. Image courtesy of California Aircheck They have many KCBQ airchecks from the 60's, including one CD of KCBQ from 1965-1970 (Classic Issue #C-287). Check it out.

KXOA DJ Trainee billboard

Billy The Earl was so bummed that he was not included in the KXOA billboard campaign that he bought his own billboard in Old Sacramento. It cost him his life savings but it was totally worth it. If you have nothing better to do All Night Long you can listen to the Billy The Earl Show on