Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dr. Don Rose KFRC San Francisco

Some of the last KFRC music surveys were issued in 1979. This one includes a picture of long-time KFRC morning DJ Dr. Don Rose (honk honk) who created HUGE morning numbers for KFRC from 1973-1986. When KFRC flipped their Top 40 format to Adult Standards in August 1986, Dr. Don stayed with Magic 61 KFRC for another year or so before moving on to KKIS and KIOI. Survey image courtesy of California Aircheck

Friday, September 25, 2009

1973 Bakersfield CA Arbitron

Here's the 1973 Arbitron book for Bakersfield CA. Almost a dead-heat from 1972....KERN with a 2.2, KAFY with 2.1...

Here's the April-May 1972 ARB for Bakersfield CA showing KERN with a 3.1 and KAFY with a 1.5. I don't know why these numbers are so low...KAFY supposedly had 50+ shares back in the 60's...Maybe they need another 0 so KERN has 1 31 share and KAFY 15?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Does every radio station have one of these, or what? The All-Night DJ Trainee who thinks he's a Star? In KXOA's case, it's Billy The Earl, who moans like a schoolgirl if pictures from his new "photo session" at Woolworths photo booth aren't uploaded to the website so his fan can enjoy them...
Billy The Earl is just plain comedy gold for KXOA as the station countered with rotating pictures of Bill Earl for website viewers to enjoy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

LOREN & WALLY have had one of the huge morning shows in Boston for years now on 105.9; the calls have changed over the years from WVBF to WKLB to WROR but these guys still have a smokin' hot morning show. You wouldn't want to be up against them! These photos in the WROR control room are from 2007 (missing from the pics is Tom Doyle who does killer voices for the show) courtesy California Aircheck

NIKKI is one of the hottest female air personalities in the Midwest. Back in 2006 she was handling middays on Chicago's 103.5 KISS-FM (WKSC); from there she hopped over to WPWX for middays; and currently Nikki is at B-96 (WBBM-FM) Chicago on the midday shift. This picture is from Summer 2006 in the studio at WKSC, courtesy California Aircheck You can view Nikki in action on the air on California Aircheck Video #106.