Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Billy The Earl coming soon to Duck Dynasty

Never one to miss an opportunity, Billy The Earl is growing his beard so it'll soon be long enough to get him a spot on Duck Dynasty. Billy The Earl, banished to the Midnight-6 shift on The Giant X, KXOA 

KYA San Francisco 8-19-68 Official San Francsico Music Survey

KYA and KFRC were a couple years into their famous Top 40 battle at this point in 1968; KYA had Tom Campbell, Johnny Holliday, Russ Syracuse and Tommy Saunders on the air and a playlist of 60 currents versus KFRC/Bill Drake's Big 30. Images courtesy California Aircheck

WFIL Philadelphia 5-17-71 Boss 30 music survey

WFIL and WIBG were the big Top 40 stations for Philadelphia back in the 60's and 70's. This was about at the peak of WFIL in 1971. Survey cover has a picture of Neil Diamond advertising his Philadelphia concert.  Images courtesy of California Aircheck

Friday, November 1, 2013

KAFY Bakersfield Top 40 songs of 1965 music survey

KAFY was the legendary Top 40 station for Bakersfield California back in the 60's. Here's the year end 1965 chart from KAFY with pictures of the DJs on the front cover, Dave Lee, Mike Lundy, Ron Bain, Lee Duncan & Bob Wilson (of R&R fame). Images courtesy of California Aircheck 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

KYA San Francisco music survey pre-Bill Drake 9-4-61

Shortly before Dill Drake arrived at KYA from Atlanta, here's the KYA Swingin' 60 music survey from 9-4-61. Image courtesy California Aircheck

Thursday, August 1, 2013

WHB Kansas City 9-27-63 music survey

WHB was the monster Top 40 station for Kansas City back in the 60's. Here's the WHB 40 Star Survey from 9-27-63, picture of 1-6AM WHB DJ Gene Woody at the bottom.  Image courtesy California Aircheck

Saturday, July 27, 2013

KAFY Bakersfield 1965 Top 50

This is the year-end 1965 Fab 40 for 1965 chart from KAFY Bakersfield (The Tullis & Hearne station - sister to KDEO San Diego and KFXM San Bernardino which both had identical survey forms at this time)  Image courtesy California Aircheck

Monday, February 18, 2013

KPCS 89.3 Pasadena bumper sticker circa 1972

It was the highlight of 147 KXOA's Billy The Earl's radio career...but they didn't even give him a stinkin' bumper sticker for the 1972 Pee Green Ford Maverick back in 1972... but they only had about 3 listeners, so who the hell cares?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WILK Wilkes-Barre PA The Great 98 music survey 4-6-69

WILK (The Great 98) Wilkes-Barre PA actually had the balls to publish a Top 98 survey every week. You KNOW it contained a lot of crap...  Image courtesy of California Aircheck 

WABC New York 6-1-68 Music Power Survey Roby Yonge

Roby Yonge had a long 2-hour airshift on WABC back in 1968 - 1-3PM. This WABC Music Power Survey is from 6-1-68; they switched to this format earlier in 1968 from the old All American Survey   Image courtesy California Aircheck 

KHJ Los Angeles Thirty music survey 1972 Robert W. Morgan

KHJ was the big dog of Top 40 radio in Los Angeles in the early 70's. Here's issue #346 with KHJ's Robert W. Morgan on the cover. Image courtesy California Aircheck 

147KXOA's Billy The Earl drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon all night long

147KXOA's BillyThe Earl is giving away $14.99 sandwiches if you can guess how many Pabst Blue Ribbon beers he drinks between Midnight-6 every morning on The Giant X... live streaming at  An extra gift if you also catch him belching during the show..

KFWB Los Angeles Fabulous Forty Survey 8-1-59

KFWB was the first big Top 40 station for Los Angeles back in the Fifties with Chuck Blore's "Color Radio" Top 40 format. Here's the 8-1-59 KFWB Fab Forty with pictures of the DJs on the cover. Images courtesy California Aircheck

WIBG Philadelphia 2-18-69 Big 30 music survey #41

WIBG and WFIL were the big Top 40 stations for Philadelphia back in the 60's. Here's a 1969 WIBG Big 30 survey. Image courtesy of CaliforniaAircheck 

CKY Winnipeg 1965 year-end music survey Top 50 of 1965

CKY was one of the big Top 40 stations for Winnipeg back in the 60's. Here's their "Happy Difference Hit-Line" year end chart for 1965 with the Top 50 of the year.  Image courtesy of California Aircheck 

Monday, January 7, 2013

WJBK Detroit 12-13-63 music survey

WJBK was one of the legendary top 40 stations for Detroit back in the 60's, competing with CKLW, WKNR and WXYZ. Here's a WJBK Record Review music survey from 1963.  Courtesy of California Aircheck