Friday, January 15, 2010

KCBQ San Diego Q Card Music Survey 10-24-65 Gary Allyn

Gary Allyn did several different shifts at KCBQ in 1965 - at this time he'd be on the 6-9PM shift and also Program Director at KCBQ. Great jock and he did a hell of a job as Program Director too at The Q back in the 60's. Image courtesy of California Aircheck They have many KCBQ airchecks from the 60's, including one CD of KCBQ from 1965-1970 (Classic Issue #C-287). Check it out.

KXOA DJ Trainee billboard

Billy The Earl was so bummed that he was not included in the KXOA billboard campaign that he bought his own billboard in Old Sacramento. It cost him his life savings but it was totally worth it. If you have nothing better to do All Night Long you can listen to the Billy The Earl Show on