Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rich Brother Robbin on 147KXOA April Fool's Day 2010

Rich "Brother" Robbin, one of the great Top 40 screamers of the 70's will be making an appearance on April Fool's Day evening 2010! From 6-8PM Rich will recreate his act from the 70's that made him one of the legendary night jocks in the country. Back then, Rich smoked on KGB, KCBQ, KKDJ, KIQQ, KTNQ and others. Make sure you have your I-pod transistor radio tuned to 147 April Fool's Day evening for the Rich Brother Robbin Show!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shotgun Tom Kelly KCBQ San Diego 1974

Ever wonder where Geico came up with the Caveman characters? Well, now you know..... Image courtesy California Aircheck

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

KAFY Bakersfield 12-30-70 Shotgun Tom Kelly

Back before he got his first gun permit, hat or beard, Shotgun Tom Kelly was just plain 'ol Tom Kelly at KAFY/Bakersfield. (You can be sure that he was first in line each night to stock up on 5 hot dogs for 94 cents at Der Weinerschnitzel. And we're talkin' sacks full. You better believe it baby!) The KAFY lineup at that time was 6-10A Monty Montgomery, 10-3 Bobby Otis, 3-7 Dave Conley, 7-midnight Tom Kelly and Midnight-6 Scott Shannon. Image courtesy of California Aircheck