Monday, November 16, 2009

KRLA Los Angeles 6-25-66 Tunedex music survey with DJ drawings

The KRLA weekly Tunedex in this era was printed in the KRLA BEAT newspaper. Which meant that there was usually room for a bunch of DJ pictures or a huge KRLA Presents concert ad on the adjacent pages..KHJ's Boss 30 seemed to stick with the big national hits..KRLA was a bit more adventurish with the music (or maybe it was because of those $100 bills wrapped around the new 45s...) #1 song was Searchin' For My Love - Bobby Moore (and the Rhythm Aces) (huge hit on KRLA but peaked at #27 nationally on the Billboard Hot 100). Slipping to #2, A Groovy Kind Of Love - The Mindbenders. Jumping to #3 from #6, Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones. Slipping to #4 from #3, Along Comes Mary - The Association. Jammed up at #5, When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge. Jumping to #6 from #18, Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)- Swingin' Medallions. Jumping to #7 from #15, Dirty Water - The Standells. Jammed up at #8, Hey Joe - The Leaves (peaked at #31 nationally on the Billboard Hot 100 chart). Slipping to #10 from #9, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield. Dropping to #11 from #10, Don't Bring Me Down - The Animals. Jumping to #13 from #20, Little Girl - The Syndicate Of Sound. Tumbling to #15 from #7, Younger Girl - The Hondells. Jumping to #21 from #27, Where Were You When I Needed You - The Grass Roots. Jammed up at #22, Diddy Wah Diddy - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (never charted nationally on the Billboard Hot 100 chart). Debuting at #26, Day For Decision - Johnny Sea. Up to #30 from #33, Have I Stayed Too Long? - Sonny & Cher. Up to #34 from #37, Sweet Talkin' Guy - The Chiffons. Debuting at #39,, You Better Run - The Young Rascals. Slipping to #40 from #39, Don't Do It Some More - The Cindermen (never charted nationally on the Billboard Hot 100; this must have been the "house band" for the Cinnamon Cinder nightclub). KRLA was easing into "All Request Radio" at this time and that would be their version of Top 40 to compete with KHJ in 1967. Survey image courtesy of California Aircheck This actual survey from the KRLA BEAT is up for sale on Ebay right now from California Aircheck's George J. See it and others on his Ebay auction page

Sunday, November 15, 2009

KRLA Los Angeles Tunedex music survey 8-24-64

Some rare finds on this KRLA Tunedex from 1964. At #3 is LA La La La La - The Blendells which totally tanked in most parts of the country (peaked at #62 on Billboard's Hot 100) but was big on KRLA. Dropping to #16 from #15, Help Yourself - The Standells, on Liberty Records (never charted nationally; the Standells were playing clubs owned by various KRLA DJs and doing well in Los Angeles - it would be 1966 before they finally hit it big with Dirty Water). Up to #21 from #33, Tell 'em I'm Surfin' - The Fantastic Baggys (never charted nationally on the Billboard Hot 100). Dropping to #23 from #17, Better Watch Out Boy - The Accents (never charted nationally on the Billboard Hot 100). Slipping to #36 from #34, The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Blunt - The Shadows (never charted nationally on the Billboard Hot 100). Debuting at #46, This Little Girl Of Mine - Righteous Brothers (on the Moonglow label; never charted nationally; this was a few months before they hooked up with Phil Spector forYou'veLost That Lovin' Feelin' and switched to his Philles record label). Survey image courtesy of California Aircheck

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Big Giant Head KXOA Sacramento

Billy The Earl's big giant head just barely able to be fit into the this rare shot, the lips are not moving... if you're up late with nothing better to do all night long, check out Billy The Earl Midnight-6AM Pacific Time on The Giant X, 147 KXOA

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dave Hull pre-KRLA February 1963

Before joining KRLA in June 1963, Dave Hull was a DJ at 1000-watt Top 40 daytimer WVKO in Columbus Ohio. KRLA was his big shot and he soon became legendary in Los Angeles radio as the "Hullaballooer" and one of the greatest Top 40 DJs ever. This GO Radio 1580 WVKO music survey is from February 1963. Image courtesy California Aircheck