Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Billy The Earl coming soon to Duck Dynasty

Never one to miss an opportunity, Billy The Earl is growing his beard so it'll soon be long enough to get him a spot on Duck Dynasty. Billy The Earl, banished to the Midnight-6 shift on The Giant X, KXOA 

KYA San Francisco 8-19-68 Official San Francsico Music Survey

KYA and KFRC were a couple years into their famous Top 40 battle at this point in 1968; KYA had Tom Campbell, Johnny Holliday, Russ Syracuse and Tommy Saunders on the air and a playlist of 60 currents versus KFRC/Bill Drake's Big 30. Images courtesy California Aircheck

WFIL Philadelphia 5-17-71 Boss 30 music survey

WFIL and WIBG were the big Top 40 stations for Philadelphia back in the 60's and 70's. This was about at the peak of WFIL in 1971. Survey cover has a picture of Neil Diamond advertising his Philadelphia concert.  Images courtesy of California Aircheck