Monday, May 31, 2010

147KXOA's Geoff Richards's 2-6PM DJ Geoff Richards was surprised that there was no poster for Billy The Earl at the Las Vegas Hilton on May 1st when he was opening for Petula Clark; all they had was this stinking poster for Andrew Dice Clay for an upcoming show. That Billy The Earl gets no respect -- no respect at all! Check out Geoff Sunday-Friday afternoons from 2-6PM on the Giant X at

WCFL Chicago 5-21-75 music survey Larry Lujack

Tough to see but the front cover has a picture of Super Jock Larry Lujack on the cover of this WCFL survey along with the Eagles and Dan Fogelberg.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KHJ Los Angeles June 18 1980 music survey with Charlie Fox

Charlie Fox added some class to KHJ in its last days as a Top 40 station. He was there for a brief appearance in 1980 after putting in time at KFI. Before that in the 70's he was at some biggies like CKLW, WRKO and KDWB. In November of 1980, KHJ gave up and flipped to Country. Memo to Charlie: I hope you ditched the clothes back in the 80's...