Wednesday, March 3, 2010

KAFY Bakersfield 12-30-70 Shotgun Tom Kelly

Back before he got his first gun permit, hat or beard, Shotgun Tom Kelly was just plain 'ol Tom Kelly at KAFY/Bakersfield. (You can be sure that he was first in line each night to stock up on 5 hot dogs for 94 cents at Der Weinerschnitzel. And we're talkin' sacks full. You better believe it baby!) The KAFY lineup at that time was 6-10A Monty Montgomery, 10-3 Bobby Otis, 3-7 Dave Conley, 7-midnight Tom Kelly and Midnight-6 Scott Shannon. Image courtesy of California Aircheck

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  1. I'm thinking it was 10+ sacks of hot dogs for 94 cents a sack...enough for 2 meals. Just try to do that these days.