Thursday, July 15, 2010

KERN Bakersfield a portrait of the #1 station in town 1970's

KERN, the #1 station most years in Bakersfield California back in the 70's. Home to Truck-Ken Stevens (Ken Levine) in 1971. Ken wrote about his first radio job, weekends at KERN, earlier this week on his blog ...about the shack surrounded by 3 towers..
But some of his memories have faded a bit over the years (just like the front sign at KERN as you can see above). The KERN building back then was a bit bigger than a "shack" - probably the size of a typical 3-bedroom house in Bakersfield..As you can see, KERN spared no expense in maintaining the lavish KERN building and the "grounds" out front.
KERN/1410 was a non-directional station, and they had only the one tower you see in the above pictures.
That's KERN 3-7PM DJ-Program Director-Chief Engineer Johnny Mitchell in the luxury KERN studio in the picture up top. Photos courtesy

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