Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Big BillyThe Earl comedy show May 16 at the Sahara Hotel closing

You could have shot a cannonball through the Sahara Hotel casino in Las Vegas at 8PM Monday night May 16 while the big Billy The Earl comedy show was in full force in the Louie Anderson Memorial Theater; everyone was at the show, and only about 38% asked for their money back afterwards..Also pictured above is 147KXOA afternoon DJ Geoff Richards who volunteered to drive Billy The Earl to his Parole Officer's office in Las Vegas while they were in Vegas..As you can see, Billy wore his very best trenchcoat for the show. Carrottop, jealous of all the attention Billy The Earl was getting, was questioned by the LVPD about the assassination attempt on Billy's life that morning, but was released after getting a beating he won't forget. You can hear Geoff and Billy The Earl on The Giant X, 147KXOA each and every day; live streaming 24/7

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