Sunday, February 6, 2011

KSTN Stockton Boss 30 music survey 10-1-70

As legend has it, after Bill Drake left KYA in 1962, he was approached by Gene Chenault, owner of KYNO Fresno, to consult KYNO, as he was getting his ass kicked by Ron Jacobs at Colgreen's new K/MAK. To sweeten the deal for Drake, Chenault's pal up Highway 99, Knox Larue at KSTN/Stockton, was added to the deal along with a new Cadillac. By 1970, Drake was long gone from KSTN, but they were still using the Boss Radio slogan and the Drake jingles. Here's a sample of the KSTN Boss 30 survey with 8-midnight KSTN Boss Jock Barry Shane on the cover. Image courtesy California Aircheck

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